The A.S.D. Il Drago e la Tigre, was born thanks to the Master, Rosario Marraro "Rossano", Instructor - Kyorugi, Poomsae 3rd Dan - Kukkiwon, 4th Dan of Taekwondo FITA, WTE Coach, Master 5th Dan of Hapkido (Dae Myung Academy Italy), Master 4th Dan of Hapkido (WHMAF), and the President Filippa Di Maggio.
He performs Korean martial activities starting from the age of 4 years up to users of 80.
He performs the art of Taekwondo, Olympic sport, participating in national and international competitions, internships and demonstrations, training moments, which have as their purpose the practice of sport for physical and mental well-being.
The competitive activity is concentrated in two different directions: combat and forms beyond demonstrations.
The second martial art carried out is Hapkido, characterized by an essentially defensive nature, although it is also extremely offensive.
The athlete of such martial art uses the opponent's strength to turn it against him, so that he is unable to attack again.